Thursday, August 18, 2011

Loco for Local

I haven't really joined the organic craze yet - it's expensive, I'm poor, and after taking an Organic Gardening class in college, I'm just not fully convinced that organic products are worth the price - especially since most of it is still shipped across the country or even the world.

That said, after growing some cute little peppers, basil, tomatoes and squash in our garden this summer, I'm pretty into supporting local business and trying to eat local produce. Roanoke has a really great farmers market every. single. day. downtown that features local businesses and it's always fun to stroll through.

If you're into buying local stuff too, there are a couple great chances today!

The first is a huge assortment of adorable accessories from Katydid Designs. Kate, the owner/designer, and her husband Jeremy went to church with us when we lived in Palm Beach and we were fortunate enough to get to know them. They are truly awesome people and Kate is an incredibly creative designer and sew-er (seamstress?).

I'm not the only one who thinks so, though! Tiger Woods' daughter, Samantha, was spotted yesterday wearing a Katydid headband and belt on Extra TV. I know that Tiger has made a few....debatable decisions....but apparently he (or his ex-wife) has good fashion sense! Check out the Katydid Facebook page for more info about her new products and a giveaway.
Another fun opportunity to buy local right now, is on Wine Woot. If you haven't used Woot before, you're missing out. Today is extra-special, though, because the Wine Woot isn't wine - it's 1,000 Faces Coffee. Which is based and brewed in Athens! The deal is for 4 16-oz bags of coffee and is a great chance to try out something a little different than your typical Folgers while supporting an Athens-based business.