Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Because I've been bad at keeping in touch, here's some stuff that has been going on this spring...

In January, I went back to Athens for a shower that Katie threw for me!

I spent Valentines Day with Anna and her cute friends at a teddy bear tea party

In March, I had a lot of visitors...

First, the Lambes (who may not have come entirely just to see me...)

And then David! We've been on wedding diets, but had our own rousing rendition of "Man vs. Food" at Beaches and Cream where David finished off the appropriately named, "No Way Jose." Man wins!

I sort of got to see the space shuttle launch

A few weeks ago, we all took a Friday off and went to Blizzard Beach. It was seriously cold.

Last weekend we celebrated Jackson's 5th birthday with a putt-putt party

And this weekend, I have been trying to get everything ready to go home - I can't believe this is my last Saturday in Orlando as a single girl!

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