Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's already Thursday?!

I can't believe that today is already Thursday. The week sure does fly by fast when Monday is a holiday. I vote for 4 day weeks every week!

Even though I don't actually work a normal "workweek," I'm glad Monday was a holiday for everyone else - we had a really good weekend! My sweet husband took us on a fun surprise morning date to eat bagels on the beach on Saturday and spent the rest of the day watching football at our condo with friends. Georgia lost and we are 600 miles away from Athens, but we wore our red and black proudly (and I unsuccessfully tried to make G-shaped brownies, but that's another story...)!

After resting up on Sunday, we headed to the First Annual Smith/Stallings Labor Day Olympics on Monday for a day of pool relays. These people are serious about their Olympic pool sports and even though Stephanie and I came in last, we had a lot of fun and came away with only minor injuries. I wish I had taken more pictures but I thought I forgot my camera - of course, it was in my bag the whole time.
The rest of the week has been good too. David just started his internship and is loving it so far. Yay! And is having a shoe sale - they are buy one, get one half off so I stocked up today and got 3 pairs of sandals and a pair of cute grey flats (for those blistering south Florida winters) for $50 with free shipping.

Thanks Labor Day for an awesome weekend!

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