Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bring It!

After talking about it for the past few months, Nicole and I have started our new workout plan - p90x! We did some reading about it, watched some infomercials, talked with some people currently doing it, and decided to take the challenge. We have made it through four days of the 90 day gauntlet and I don't know if my muscles have ever been this sore. It has been difficult to lift a fork, button a shirt, wash my hair, or do anything else involving my arms but we've decided it's worth it. We're committed to "Do our best and forget the rest!"

The other tough part about p90x for us has been the crazy change in our diet we'll have for the first three weeks of the program. Because our workouts are so intense and we are doing heavy weight lifting, we've had to increase our normal calorie intake and eat TONS of protein. We normally try to eat pretty healthy but we struggle to get a normal amount of protein, and it's extremely difficult when we've tripled our normal protein amount. It's led us to buy over 50 eggs at Sam's, eat tons of chicken and turkey burgers, and make the oh so delicious protein shakes. Go buy yourself a giant container of this wonderful treat!

Protein shake for breakfast and after dinner? Check! Shoveling down protein all day long? Check! Incredibly difficult workouts where we're drenched in sweat and our muscles are throbbing? Check! Getting in great shape and ripped? Check!

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