Friday, August 20, 2010

Time is Tickin'...

It's crazy to think that we only have one week left here in West Palm Beach! I finished my internship at church this week and we are trying to do everything we can and see as many people as possible before we head out on our big adventure. We are soaking up our last few days at the beach, enjoying the beautiful sunsets, and snorkeling every chance we get. We have also started the painful process of PACKING.

To be honest, I usually don't have much trouble with packing. I've moved a number of times over the past few years and I figure out ways to get everything in suitcases and boxes and fit it all where it needs to go. But this seems to be new challenge that can be a bit overwhelming. We are packing things that will be going to three different locations (the LaHaie house in Georgia, the Aldridge house in Virginia, and things going to Europe & Africa with us) and we have to fit it all in our two cars! Fitting everything in our cars could be rather tricky since we made multiple trips to get it here and we rented a van the first time while I'll be driving a Honda Accord for this trip. I'm no expert on cars but I think there is a space issue when comparing an accord to a mini-van and I'm thinking our local Goodwill store could be receiving a large donation from us this week.

It's sad, but even when we try to become more simple with our lifestyle and move away from materialism, moving reminds us of how much stuff we have. Stuff we don't need. Stuff we don't use. Stuff we don't even want. Or as one of the ways the dictionary defines stuff: worthless things or matter. While the experience of packing everything and moving over the next week will be time consuming and frustrating, I'm hoping it continues to be part of the process of us not letting our STUFF have control over us anymore.

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