Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Update

It has been a while since we've posted any updates here, and we briefly considered letting it go completely. We both have our own personal sites we maintain and we usually devote all our attention/writing to those - Nicole's being Seven Ate Nine and David's being From Ballparks to BBQ. However, as we talked about it over the weekend, there is something unique about this blog. We started telling our story through this site before we got married, and many of our crazy, ridiculous adventures have been documented through many of these posts. For a time, this was the only way we could update you about what we were doing on the other side of the world. Other times, we would tell you about all the crazy things we ate over a weekend. This has been a place where we've been able to share parts of our journey with many of you and we really appreciate you coming along for the ride. And for all those reasons...we've decided to keep this blog going. We're trying to commit to posting once every week or so and we're going to alternate to offer some perspective from both of us.

For more of a current update, here are some of our photos from this past weekend. It was a busy weekend that was full of fun, random activities (the story of our life).

Nicole did a great job as a participant in the Marine Mud Run on Saturday morning at Green Hill Park. She handled the giant mud pit like a true champ and was probably the only one in the event who rushed over from Junior League to make sure she didn't miss the race. So versatile.

One of the best things about Saturdays in the Roanoke Valley is the opportunity to visit the various local Farmers Markets, especially the City Market in downtown Roanoke. The vendors feature some awesome local produce and homemade goods and we always find something to indulge in. This past Saturday, a table full of pumpkins helped signify the beginning of fall!

To bring some international flavor to our weekend, we stopped by the Roanoke Greek Festival on Saturday afternoon. The festival raised money for a number of local charities and was a great celebration of Greek culture. We couldn't resist sampling some Greek fare and tried an iced Greek coffee and gyro. Opa!

Thanks for reading!

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