Friday, June 12, 2009


Happy Friday! I am officially done with my internship!

David had to work tonight, so I celebrated my Friday/first day of freedom by taking Jackson & Anna for a walk (me)/scooter ride (Jackson)/bike ride (Anna) so Joe and Christina could have some time together.

To be fair, I was warned to only go a little ways, but I let a 5-year old talk me into going all the way downtown. Of course, we got there and then they were too tired to walk back. Then Jackson had to pee, so I let him go in the bushes and the next thing I know, Anna is in the bushes with her skirt around her ankles too. Of course, she made a huge mess and had to walk home in her underwear.

We finally started the journey back (I got to carry Anna's bike. Yay!), and then got attacked by a family of ducks (probably because Jackson chased them) - the dad duck started hissing at us, which made Anna cry, which made Jackson cry. Nobody wanted to finish the rest of the walk home but thankfully, just as we were all about to have a meltdown, Joe came to the rescue. Thank goodness.

I don't want kids for a very. long. time.

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