Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cupcake Schmupcake

There is a cupcake place here in Jupiter that David and I have been eyeing since our arrival. I mean, I love a good cupcake and a whole shop devoted to them is my dream come true. We have been drooling over their website but since we're on a "no-eating-out" plan, we have been waiting. And waiting.

So yesterday, after a brutal morning of job hunting we decided that we deserved cupcakes and headed over to DD's Cupcake Shoppe. Though the website features hundreds of flavors, the teeny little cupcake store only had a few available. We tried 2 of our all-time favorite flavors (Red Velvet and German Chocolate) and some Mandarin orange flavor that isn't on the website.

After much anticipation in the car ride home, the moment came and we chowed down.

The verdict? Gross. These cupcakes were all dry and brittle. The cream cheese icing on the Red Velvet was its saving grace, but the German Chocolate had no hope whatsoever. And orange was decent (because it was filled with a curd, which gave it a little moisture, I guess) but it wasn't anywhere close to the creamsicle deliciousness I was hoping for.

At $3 per cupcake, I give DD's Cupcake Shoppe a big fat F. Really, how is it even possible to make a bad cupcake?! I'm so sad :(
Luckily, David is not only a fabulous cook but also a champion dessert maker and has been cranking out delicious ice cream creations lately. Who needs DD and her crappy cupcakes?! Not me!

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  1. I'm not eating anything that is filled with "curd." SICK.