Monday, August 17, 2009


Since finishing up at Disney and moving to the beach, our summer has been pretty lazy. We spend a lot of time playing tennis, playing wii, and of course going to the pool and the beach. Neither the pool nor the beach are very fabulous without a good book so I have been cranking through them - plus we have a library in our building and Goodwill sells them for $1.50. Sweet!

Lately I've read "Love in the Time of Cholera," "Memoirs of a Geisha," "The Shack," various Jodi Picoult books, a little David Sedaris, part of "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan and a weird book about conjoined twins. I really love reading but...

the other day we took a trip to Wal Mart and I was rooting through the $5 movie bin when I found "Memoirs of a Geisha!" Hooray! Of course, the movie is never as good as the book, and even at over 2 hours this movie managed to leave out large chunks of the novel, but it was pretty decent.

So last night we decided to try the movie thing again. We have a bunch of dvds that neither of us have ever seen so we decided to watch "Signs." Now I understand why neither of us have ever seen it.

Review: WORST MOVIE EVER. Actually the only movie that may be worse is "Cabin Fever." But they're both pretty awful. The terribly predictable plot and awful acting reminded me of "Facing the Giants" but at least that has a nice, happy message (and a cameo by Mark Richt) - "Signs" has no excuse. Mel Gibson, what were you thinking?!

On a brighter note, we rented "Taken" from the $1 rental thing at Publix the other night and gave it a thumbs up.

Have you seen a good movie lately (that we can rent, because I'm not paying $10 to go to the theatre)? I can't gamble on movies anymore!

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  1. Hi! We watched Dan in Real Life last night, and we both thought it was good. Sort of a chick flick but a good one. It was on some movie channel like Starz or something so if you have that, you can maybe even watch it fo free.

    I'm reading the Time Travelers Wife, which is pretty great so far. I can't wait to see the movie.

    And...I've only seen 1/2 of Signs, because I fell asleep, and I have never had any desire to see the rest.

    Miss ya!