Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project 365 Days 36, 37, 38, 39

Day 39:
So, David and I are looking at different opportunities to do fun things before we have kids, jobs and other crazy responsibilities and we really want to go overseas. So we have to get all kinds of crazy background checks done. Today I went to the Jupiter Police Station to have my fingerprints made (which is not free. Jerks) and they spelled my name wrong. Seriously?! Don't worry, they don't keep the fingerprint charts there either, so you have to go find them somewhere else (?!) and come back for them to be redone. Geez.

Day 38:
Superbowl Sunday! Our church held a big party for all the homeless people and I made these football-esque cookies. Baking is not my thing and they looked better than they tasted but I gave it a valiant effort.

Day 37:
We are obsessed with the West Palm Beach Green Market. It's full of fun things to eat and I like to pretend that I'm there to admire the vegetables instead of the donuts. This is not the case but I thought it was a pretty stellar picture regardless!

Day 36:
Sometimes this Project 365 thing is hard. I leave my camera at home and then at about 10pm I realize that I haven't taken a picture of the day yet, so I'm stuck wandering around my room looking for something picture-worthy. Today it's the book I just finished - Eats, Shoots & Leaves, which was about punctuation. I'm trying to deviate from Jodi Picoult/Nicholas Sparks books and this was definitely different.

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