Monday, February 1, 2010


Tonight at the library, I decided that I need to start keeping a list of books I've read. So I wanted to add it to the sidebar of my blog, and somehow my technically savvy self lost the background I had. I've searched and searched but it is nowhere to be found :(

Anyways, I have a list of books I've read/am reading but every time I go to the library, I am at a loss for what to get. I need book suggestions! Please!

Oh, and speaking of LOST - it makes a much anticipated return tomorrow night! Hallelujah!


  1. Do you have an account at That is where I keep a list of all my books I've read.

  2. Paul got me Gone With the Wind for Christmas. I've seen the movie, but I never even thought about reading the book. Good news, the book is fantastic! It's LONG, but it is such an easy read. So if you're looking for time to kill ... check it out!