Friday, November 19, 2010

You've Got Mail

We are feeling the love! This week we got not one, but two packages full of goodies! It is seriously amazing to get stuff in the mail and remember that there are other people in the universe thinking about us, even when we feel so isolated halfway around the world.

The first package we got was from my friend, Nikki. We met when we worked at Disney during our Summer Project in 2006 and have bonded recently over being expats in random countries. She took a huge leap of faith and moved to Korea alone to teach English - you can (and should) follow her inspirational and hilarious blog here.

She sent us a bunch of random Korean foods, which is awesome! I haven't tried anything yet but I am pretty excited about the mushroom-shaped chocolate, the Beatles-themed skittles, and the "Smile Nuts," which say "Always Flesh" on the back. The socks have already gotten a lot of wear though, they are warm and fuzzy and perfect for Switzerland!

The other package came from my parents and, of course, Colby. Thanksgiving isn't celebrated here but they wanted us to celebrate the American way. I'm excited about decorating our room and sharing the American Thanksgiving love with everyone here. They also sent two of my most favorite things - Splenda and more warm socks! These socks have little rubber nubs on the bottom, so I can bum around the base in them and not worry about cracking my head open on the tile floors.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us packages, letters, postcards, blog comments, or facebook messages!

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