Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye 2010!

Happy New Years!

Christmas in Africa was awesome - It’s strange not to spend it with our families but we had an awesome host family that made us feel right at home, let us eat dinner with them, and even gave us gifts. Sharon, our host mom, is an awesome chef and we definitely did our American duty by stuffing ourselves silly.

We survived a very “African” bus ride from Mossel Bay to Jeffrey’s Bay and will be here for a couple more weeks. Jeffrey’s Bay is famous for its surfing, so it’s been fun to see a totally different type of beach here, and watch the surfers rough the cold water to ride the waves. Since it’s still “holiday season,” the town is packed with tourists but it’s nice that we’re not the only ones asking for directions and looking lost all the time. I’m looking forward to seeing all the NYE celebrations tonight and am hoping for major fireworks on the beach!

We haven’t had a chance to “do” much yet, but David and I spent some time talking with a really cool old man during lunch at the base yesterday. Dennis was in prison at some point, and then his wife left him earlier this year and he was homeless and sleeping on the beach. He came by the base to ask for food one day, started talking with them, and has since become the base gardener – talking with him was really encouraging and he is evidence of the possibilities for life change going on in this city, which has been really divided since apartheid. We also had a short devotional with the city police this morning, so there is lots to be done here and we’re looking forward to jumping in and being a part of everything going on here.

Please keep our team, Dennis, and the city of Jeffrey’s Bay in your prayers, especially tonight as we’ve heard NYE is crazy here! Happy 2011!

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