Friday, December 24, 2010

"...Down by the Bay..."

There are no watermelons growing here, but we are definitely "down by the bay." It is hard to upload pictures here because of the internet but the view is gorgeous and it is great to be back at the beach again. I stole these pictures from Google Images but they are all views I've actually seen, so I think they're legit enough.

We've been staying with host families for the past few days, which has been a great experience. David and I have been with a super sweet family who has adorable little boys (3 and 5), so we've had fun playing with them and getting to know the family. 

We celebrated Billy's birthday with a "potjiekos," which are pots filled with chicken and vegetables slow-cooked over a fire and served with rice, which was delicious. Seriously, I think we each had like 3 plates full but we've been doing a ton of walking and there are a lot of hills around here. Plus, it's Christmas-time and I think it is our duty, as Americans, to gain insane amounts of weight during the holidays, regardless of where we are in the world!

Our host mom, Sharon, recommended that we spend an afternoon at Jukani, and we happened to get there at 3:45, not knowing that they would be feeding all of the animals dinner at 4. We got some awesome pictures of the animals and learned some interesting facts. Everything was in cages, and the animals seemed pretty tame (for wild animals) but we're in Africa, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see lions and tigers!

We also took a boat out to Seal Island (not the famous one but same idea), where I saw my first wild seals. Again, this picture is from Google but it is exactly what the island looked like - covered in seals. You can go cage diving out here with Great White Sharks (because they come feed on the seals when they get in the water) but it is only a couple miles from a public beach, so they are limiting it right now, since it's summer and the beach is so crowded.

Last night, we went back to the Pentecostal church that we visited last Sunday and led a fun service. Billy did a great job singing, Florence gave her testimony (with Melissa translating), Sam gave a little talk about YWAM, I was the emcee and David did an awesome job as the "preacher," with a message about perseverance. We're all really proud of him, and the church loved it.

We will be attending the Christmas Eve service at the Anglican church tonight (it's Christmas Eve! I'm wearing a sundress and flip flops. Love it!) and moving back into another house as a team. We've had lots of invitations for Christmas dinner tomorrow and all the food here has been wonderful, so we're planning to wear pants with elastic, and get our Christmas on, African-style. Sharon and I even made eggnog yesterday - I'm a little embarrassed to bring one of America's worst recipes/traditions to Africa but I tried to warn her :) 

So do something especially American for us, and we'll have some meat, Mrs. Ball's chutney and a glass of African eggnog for you. Merry Christmas and Gese├źnde Kersfees (Afrikaans) to you and yours, from halfway around the world.

David and Nicole

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  1. I love your pictures and updates! I'm so proud of you and David!