Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

Have you ever met a famous athlete? Movie star? Local TV icon? If you know us, then you can claim the latter! Our lives seem to be full of random surprises, but I wasn't planning on adding "actress" to my resume anytime soon. Nonetheless, we have been in Roanoke for a few months and have already made the news more than a few times. Check out our 15 minutes of fame!

Our first little run-in with the media was for the grand opening of Chipotle. Roanoke is suffering from a severe lack of quality burrito restaurants (I miss you, Barberitos!) so we always made sure to hit up Chipotle for a little "crack rice" when we visited Blacksburg or Annapolis. When we saw a "coming soon" sign for Chipotle going up in Roanoke, our excitement mounted and we decided to go all out and "camp out" for the grand opening. David's mom and brother and a bunch of friends came out and we set up tents, had some snacks (thank you, God, for pretzel m&ms!), and played endless games of cornhole while we waited to get our hands on the cilantro-lime goodness that defines Chipotle.

However, apparently the only thing Roanoke is lacking more of than a quality burrito is a good news story, because the local media ate us up (ha ha ha). We made it on 2 different local evening news programs and had a pretty good article in the paper. We also roused some passionate comments from fellow Roanokers that thought we should have spent the evening (from 8pm to 11am) volunteering our time...? Who knew that anyone would be so passionate about us wasting time?!

WDBJ 7 Video: 

My favorite video (WSLS):

Then, last week David and I were strolling along downtown before he had to head to work (and I was craving Frogurt after Body Pump) when a man approached us with a news camera, and some pretty disgusting pictures. David put on his thespian (no, not lesbian) hat and had an eloquent little chat with the camera while I tried to hide my sweaty self from the camera. No such luck on my part, but David did great and got us on the 7:00 news. Again.

If you promise not to judge how disgusting I look, you can see David do his thing here:

Better go ahead and get our autographs now - we're just one bout with rehab away from becoming Hollywood's next "it" couple!

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