Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This Chocolate's Not for Eating

This week, David and I have been puppysitting for friends who are on vacation. I have had MAJOR puppy fever, so I was worried that spending so much time with Fenway, a 12-week old Chocolate Lab, would REALLY make me want a dog. Somehow, it has had the opposite effect - this boy is SO MUCH WORK.

He was incredibly hyper this morning and chewing everything he could find, so I took him for a short run around the 'hood. He hasn't mastered walking on a least yet, so running was a mess (his collar kept slipping off and he spent the first half mile trying to bite my heels) but when we came back he drank some water and has spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping. Mission accomplished!

Since we're watching Fen, we've been staying at his house, which is always an adjustment. Moving around the world over the past few years has taught me that kitchens are always the biggest variable between houses, and this was no exception. In fact, for some reason the oven  here would not heat up past 100 degress...which is no good when you are trying to bake bread!

So I had to bake it in the toaster oven.

Not ideal, but it worked, and I ended up with a (super delicious) loaf of dark Rye.

Here's the recipe I used (without the caraway seeds). I highly recommend it to any other carb addicts out there- it's slightly sweet with a little of that rye tang. Delicious!

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