Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Down in the River

I've written before on my own blog about The River and Rail in Roanoke but wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to share about our most recent experience at this fantastic restaurant.

Nicole and I had dinner with my brother at The River and Rail a few weeks ago because we'd raved about it to him. Actually, we rave about it to everyone. It's one of the truly special dining experiences in the Roanoke Valley. Now I'm raving about it to you.

Our latest dinner was just as good as every other meal I've ever had at The River and Rail. Our reservations were for 9:00pm on a Saturday night because that was the first opening they had for a table so it's obvious that this place is the talk of town. Considering the food Chef Aaron Deal is serving, it's easy to understand why.

We enjoyed a number of creative and tasty dishes during our dinner, including smoked beef tongue, chicken liver mousse, pig's head terrine, lamb sausage, blueberry hand pies, and banana pudding with coconut jalapeno sorbet. Yep. Coconut jalapeno. Try it.

Any time I eat at The River and Rail, I know I'm going to be impressed. The service, atmosphere, and food are of the highest quality. And our recent trip was just the latest example of that.


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