Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So, our church had a picnic on Saturday for the neighborhood complete with a kickball tournament, pony rides, and cotton candy. They wouldn't let me ride the pony but they when they declared an eating contest, I was in! I am quite the competitive eater, especially when it is chocolate cream pie.

I didn't win but I did come in 2nd...and you'll understand why when you see the pictures of who beat me. Plus, this was a timed contest and I like to think of myself as more of volume eater, not a speed eater.

Before eating - our friend Goose and I in our matching UGA gear.

All of the contestants. See how 4 of us are laughing and smiling and 1 is not? She is in the zone.

I'm doing a great job of shoveling it in but see the girl to my left? DONE ALREADY. She's like a human vacuum.

Still eating. She's still done. She beat me by a longshot.

My new friend, Janine and I. We did not win but we gave it our all.

We also finished our pie, even after we lost. I don't pass up free food.

AND she got a stupid giftcard to the Cheesecake Factory, which is my favorite restaurant ever. If I had known what was up for grabs, I may have been able to inhale my pie a little faster. Whatev'.

Even though I didn't win the eating contest, David and I did win the bake off! We tried to make a lemonade cake but our layers were like...half an inch high. So we doctored up some brownies (with a LOT of chocolate and peanut butter), won the votes of everyone under 12, and pulled off the whole contest. Here's our sweet basket filled with Homemade Gourmet goodies and stuff for our future kitchen. And yes, we bought the red cookwear set. Booyeah!

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