Monday, April 25, 2011

Holidays and Holy Days

Saying that the last few weeks have been busy would be a huge understatement. Between starting a new job, David's birthday, Easter and our anniversary, we have had a lot on our plates. On top of all that, we have been cooking up a storm and took a weekend trip to visit David's dad's hometown of Wilmington, NC for the annual Azalea festival.

Most recently (today!) we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. It is really amazing to me that we have been married for two years, especially when you consider all that we've done and everywhere we've been. The past year was so much fun and I am honored to have been able to spend it with my very best friend, who also happens to be an incredible husband. In honor of....something (I'm going to pretend like it was the sweet last year we've had together...or what a sweet wife I am), he made homemade ice cream sandwiches today. Actually, I think he was just bored but they look (and taste) deeeelicious.

AND...speaking of incredible husbands, yesterday was his 24th birthday! Hooray! I love a good birthday, so we went out to dinner at Local Roots on Saturday night to celebrate. The restaurant came highly recommended and we have passed it a few times, so we were excited to try it out. Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment. The actual restaurant is adorable and the menu is descriptive but the food was overpriced and under-flavored. I'm not opposed to spending good money for good food, especially when it's local, but there was nothing good about our experience. Our waitress was rude, and most of David's food was inedible. We brought his leftovers home to give to the dogs and were given a free dessert, but it was unimpressive as well.

We had big plans to go out for lunch after church on Sunday but were so turned off by restaurants after Saturday night's fiasco that we just decided to make lunch at home. David's dad grilled bbq chicken and we made roasted vegetables, grilled asparagus, salads, and Pioneer Woman's macaroni and cheese. After a mid-afternoon walk, we had an old standby-favorite for dessert: Vintage Victual's strawberry shortcake. This stuff is easy and never disappoints as an amazing dessert.  Luckily, our Easter lunch was a million times better than dinner at Local Roots and a fraction of the price. And the best part? We still have a ton of leftovers :)

Yesterday was also, of course, Easter. I think it may be my favorite holiday - I love celebrating the cornerstone of my faith, and I love that it is almost always a beautiful springy day and that kids wear the most adorable outfits to church. We went to the church that David grew up going to (and where his parents were married!) for one of the most angry Easter sermons I've ever heard, but a poorly delivered sermon doesn't change the principle of the day. Jesus rose from the grave, and I can't help but be excited when I think about what that really means. As a Christian, that makes death totally meaningless, and is a wonderful reminder that life here on earth is fleeting in light of the eternity that we are promised. Hooray!

On a lighter note, work is still going well (and sometimes feels like eternity. Ha!) - I love the people I work with, and am starting to get a better understanding of what exactly I'm doing there. It has also made me a lot more excited about running and I've learned a ton about feet and running and hydration and pronation and suppination and arches and bunions and all kinds of things I never thought I'd care about. 

Having a full time job has kicked my butt - going from 0 hours of work a week to 40 (and sometimes more) has been a big adjustment. We took a break from my first week to take a vacation to Wilmington with David's dad, where he grew up, and meet some of his family. The weekend also happened to be the North Carolina Azalea Festival, which was quite the people-watching adventure. I think festivals really bring out the best (...) in people, so we captured a few of these people. If you are one of the people in these pictures, I'd apologize but I think you should be apologizing to me, the great state of North Carolina, and yourself.

We participated in a little gluttony of our own at the Trolly Stop . I'm not a huge hotdog fan usually, but this place screamed local so we couldn't resist. Plus, all the bloomin' onions and funnel cakes had us craving junk food.

So that's pretty much all that we've been celebrating....and eating. David is on spring break this week and I have the day off work tomorrow, so I am looking forward to spending the day with him and actually getting to celebrate our anniversary. Hoppy Easter to all!

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