Sunday, April 3, 2011


Pretty much every day I think about writing a blog. And sometimes I even start. But then I realize that there is just too much to try to write about since the last post. So I stop.

The problem with that is that every day that I don't write, more exciting things happen. But I can't write about them because I'm already behind. So it snowballs.

Anyways, I'm done with that. Just know that a LOT has happened in the past few weeks. We visited my parents  in Athens and spent a few days with the Mitchells in Atlanta. One of the best things about Athens was seeing Meredith, who drove up from Albany just to play with us. It was so great to reconnect with her again - it's easy to forget how fun your friends are when life gets busy, but refreshing to realize that some relationships survive the distance and pick right back up where you left them.

We left Athens and drove to Virginia to spend some time with David's family while we wait on the final word from the Peace Corps. We are eagerly anticipating their invitation (and location!) and then will make a decision on our next steps. Originally, they mentioned Asia, so if you want to get some karma points today, say a little prayer that we are asked to go somewhere warm :)

Speaking of warm - Virginia is not. It has snowed and hailed and rained here but is finally supposed to hit 80 tomorrow. I've been baking up a storm (stay tuned for food posts!) and we spent last weekend in Annapolis while David's brother spent a weekend at the Naval Academy.

There's lots more fun to be had, and lots more blogs to write as we play in the V-A!

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