Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for this year but since we'll be celebrating alone in Florida (...until Sarah, Paul and Mary get here tomorrow!) there won't be any going-around-the-table-to-say-what-you're-thankful-for. I need to share with someone, so here's just a few of the things I am super thankful for this year.

A - Athens - home sweet home!
B - Blogger so I can stalk all of my far-away friends and pretend that they are close.
C - Christ Fellowship for being our supportive south Florida church and for letting David work there everyday.
D - the Dawgs, even when they're having an off-year :)
E - Ephesians 2:4-5.
F - Family. Between the LaHaie/Jacksons and Aldridge/D'Ambolas, we couldn't ask for better people to be related to.
G - Generosity. We have been given so much!
H - our Health.
I - the ability to be Inside with a roof over my head and carpet for my feet.
J - a Job that I love and people that I love to work with.
K - special K, my very favorite cereal!
L - Long-distance friends and family who make home seem a little closer.
M - Marriage. Hands down the best thing ever and I am so thankful to get to spend every day with my best friend.
N - New friends in Florida who have made the transition easier...and fun!
O - the Ocean, which makes for a beautiful backyard!
P - Plenty of food to keep us going every day.
Q - Quiet time to think.
R - Reading a good book. Especially at the pool.
S - the ability to Sleep soundly at night without worry or fear. In an awesome bed.
T - Thomas, our sweet sponsored child from Uganda.
U - Unlimited clean water to drink, clean and bathe in.
V - Volunteering to help people who couldn't do it on their own.
W - Worship and the ability to do it freely without persecution.
X - eXperiences. I've had the opportunity to do and see a lot in my 23 years.
Y - Yesterday and the things I've learned from my past.
Z - Zero-calorie sweeteners, especially Splenda.

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