Thursday, November 12, 2009

Make New Friends but Keep the Old...

I really hate it when people don't update their blogs, but I am guilty. I just haven't felt like it and we've been busy. Lots of fun stuff has happened, though.

My parents came to visit and we ate a lot of amazing seafood. It's crazy that we haven't seen them from the wedding! We had a great time showing them around the new 'hood and spending lots of time at the pool and beach. We also discovered 2 delicious new restaurants - Spoto's Oyster Bar in Palm Beach Gardens and Sailfish Marina (which makes the most amazing crab nachos EVER!).

There have been a lot of October birthdays too, so Happy Birthday to Meredith and Emily...and anyone else I forgot! Ya know that song that says to "make new friends but keep the old" Between these two I've done just that and I am fortunate to know both of them!

Meredith and I met in high school when I accidentally stole her scarf...and we've been best buds ever since! We lived together during our freshman year at UGA and were in each others' weddings when we became "grown ups." She taught me how to be an incredible cheerleader (...), I locked her out of our dorm room naked (okay, maybe a few times), and we have had our fair share of adventures. I miss her and wish we lived closer! Happy birthday, Merediddy!

Emily and I actually "met" online while we planned our Georgia weddings but somehow we both ended up in the little town of Jupiter, Florida. We have really enjoyed getting to know her and her husband - it's nice to have an Atlanta connection way down here and I'm excited about getting our supper club started!

We need to take some pictures :)

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  1. Hey thanks for the shout-out!!!!!!! Lindsay and i were just talking about our adventures at the Vortex before the amazing Clay I love that that picture made it into this post!!! You're great!