Thursday, May 27, 2010

Peace Out

Remember how back in March, I mentioned that David and I went to Jacksonville for an interview for the Peace Corps? Our interview went great and we had a lot of fun exploring Jacksonville (until I got a nail in my tire and we spent all afternoon at Tire Kingdom....I digress) but our recruiter basically told us that we didn't have much of a shot - it's a competitive program to begin with and it is extra hard to place two people with different skills. She said she has couples who have been waiting for years for a placement, so not to hold our breath.

In the meantime we've been figuring out what we want to do. Stay in West Palm Beach? Go on mission trips? Move overseas? Move back to Atlanta? Oh the possibilities..

So Tuesday night, we were out and about when I got a call from our recruiter. My phone was on silent and I was listening to her voicemail when she started calling David. We've emailed a few times back and forth since the interview but don't talk on the phone much, so this was surprising. I caught her before she left her office and she said she had big news - she found a match for us so we have our nomination!

Assuming that I can get 30 hours of teaching experience in (which shouldn't be too hard), our nomination is to teach English (TEFL/TESL) in Eastern Europe/Central Asia beginning as soon as April/May of 2011. Nothing is set in stone with a nomination - things change often on their side and we still have a lot of paperwork/checks to clear (medical, dental, vision, legal, etc.) but it's exciting to have a plan!

None of the underdeveloped countries in E. Europe/C. Asia are on my "to visit" list but as we have researched them, they're starting to sound pretty cool. The countries that the Peace Corps considers to be "Eastern Europe/Central Asia" are: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Macedonia, Maldova, Romania, Ukraina, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic and Turkmenistan. If nothing else, there's a lot of history there, I've heard the food is good and the scenery looks pretty awesome.

Ciao America!

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