Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

I feel like all we've done lately is go go go. And with the Haiti trip on the horizon, we've been extra busy lately. We've done a lot though, so here are some pictures to prove it :) We...

1. Ate at Tijuana Flats: It's no Barberitos (which I will be eating a lot of when we go to Athens in June) but I love, love, love Tijuana Flats. I fell in love with it in Orlando and they've been working on one near us for a while and it finally opened. My chicken tacos and I were finally reunited and it was pure bliss.

2. Volunteered at Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago Club for a Make-A-Wish event: There were a lot of hyphens in that. We've gotten really involved with the south Florida chapter of MAW and got to spend the day at a family fundraiser at Mar-A-Lago on Palm Beach Island.

The infamous American flag
Croquet course

3. Ate an authentic taco from a van on the side of the road: After our MAW event, we had some time to kill on that side of town and when we saw a real taco van, we had to stop. I love tacos and street food and this was definitely both. They had all kinds of crazy meats (like cow tongue and tripe) but we stuck with regular 'ol steak. So good!

4. Celebrated David's birthday in Orlando: Apparently all we eat is Mexican food. But our very favorite Mexican restaurant, Azteca de Oro is in Orlando so we went with our friends Arianne, Tommy, Joe and Christina to stuff ourselves full of queso.

The mariachi band sang!
5. Volunteered at the Great American Pie Festival: we could get free admission to the all-you-can-eat pie buffet.
I swear we did this to thousands of pies

6. ATE at the Great American Pie Festival: We literally stuffed our pieholes with a billion different kinds of pie. Most of it was corporate (no fresh baked pie from Granny's kitchen) but delicious, none-the-less.

7. Finished our trip to O-Town with lunch at Yellow Dog Eats: I've been waiting to try this place and it lived up to the hype. Fun, funky sandwiches, lots of atmosphere. Plus we got to see Arianne and Tommy again. Hooray!

8. Made the strawberry coconut pancakes I mentioned before: They were not as good as I was imagining and the strawberries burned when I flipped them over. Maybe we messed something up.

9. Played some tennis

10. Went to our friends Gary & Shila's wedding

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