Monday, May 3, 2010

1 Week Until...

We leave for Haiti! I seriously can't believe at this time next week, we will be touching down in Port-Au-Prince but I'm so excited about getting there. I've been (very) s-l-o-w-l-y reading Mountains Beyond Mountains over the past few months, about Dr. Paul Farmer and his work in Haiti, which makes me even MORE excited about this trip. It is going to be a such a different culture and I'm pumped.

In honor of our trip, here is a little more information about what Haiti, what we'll be doing, and where we'll be going. Also, since David and I are both going, we need to raise double the support and are pretty far behind. If you or anyone you know have a heart for Haiti and want to support us financially, there is information at the bottom.

Haiti Mission Trip – May 2010
Destination: St. Marc, Haiti
Dates: May 10th-16th
Partner Ministry: Youth With a Mission (YWAM)

A few statistics about Haiti:
9 million people
80% unemployment
80% live in poverty (less than $2 a day)
90% of the children suffer from water born illness
30% of the children reach the third grade in education
1% of the people control nearly 50% of the wealth

On Monday, May 10th, our team of 17 men and women will be flying into Port Au Prince, Haiti and making the 2 hour drive up the coast to St. Marc. Still recovering from two years of brutal hurricanes and floods, St Marc has become a relief center for many of the hundreds of thousands of refugees from the January earthquake. YWAM has become a strategic partner, assisting the government and other organizations in the relief and restoration of this devastated nation.

Mission objectives:
Relief: Distribution of relief supplies (food, water, hygiene) to the thousands of refuges in St. Marc.
Construction: Assisting in the building of permanent homes and tents.
Medical: Helping with the clinic in St Marc, as well as bringing aid to remote areas.
Children: Loving on the many street kids and orphans who are in such desperate need of hope.
Gospel: Sharing the love and message of Christ through compassion, scripture and prayer.

Recent Activities at YWAM, Saint Marc:
  • Registration of over 12,000 refuges! Thousands have received food, medical and resources.
  • 73 containers full of food, medicine and building supplies have been distributed to the needy.
  • 3 Tent Communities have been formed in St. Marc with a fourth and fifth in process.
  • “Homes of Hope” is establishing the urbanization development of rural areas for refugees.
Please consider participating in this outreach through your prayers and financial support. Our team’s financial goal is $18,000. Donations may be made online or by mail. All donations will go directly toward this outreach. Please make checks out to “Christ Fellowship” with “Haiti Trip” in the memo.

Christ Fellowship
Attn. Outreach Department – Haiti
5343 Northlake Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

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  1. David and Nicole,
    I am so happy to hear about your trip! I will be praying for you. Check out my post about your post on my site, Building Hope for Haiti ( I would love to get some pictures and a brief mission report when you get back!