Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fondue and Chocolate

It's hard to believe that we have been here for 5 days already...but it's almost equally hard to believe that we have only been here for 5 days. Besides the temperature and jet lag, we have adjusted pretty quickly, and are finally getting into something that resembles a routine.

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, our DTS class went to see the 50th Anniversary Celebration of YWAM in Lausanne. The founders of YWAM, Loren and Darlene Cunningham, are hosting 40 of these Celebrations at various spots all over the world so we joined up with bases/leaders/students from all over Europe to listen to Loren and Darlene and various other speakers talk about what has been going on with YWAM over the past 50 years and what will be happening in the future. The first night was outside at the Lausanne base and incredibly cold but the next 2 days were at La Ligue (and indoors!).

I tried to take some pictures of the Celebration and of the drive to/from Lausanne and La Ligue but they're pretty blurry, so here are the others:

La Ligue - it was too cold to take any decent pictures at Lausanne. My fingers weren't working.

Loren speaking

On the last day, they rolled out a huge world map and had everyone walk around on it and choose a place to commit to praying for or eventually going to. Since we think we will be sent to Mongolia for the Peace Corps, we chose it. Everyone else headed for warmer parts of the map :) 

Yesterday evening, we thought we could catch a brilliant sunset across the street at the base's garden, so we bundled up and walked over. Since the sun sets behind the mountains, it isn't quite as intense as it was in Jupiter, but we were a little spoiled there. Either way, we got some great lighting to practice some photography and show off our awesome views.

We think that these are Dahlias. For some reason, even though it is cold here, the plants are incredibly vibrant.

Sunset over the mountains from the garden.

Apple trees. I looooove apples and they are tiny and crispy and amazing here.

Houses next to the garden

David's accidental awesome picture

More dahlias.

The weather was beautiful out today before lunch, so we walked through the village and took a lot more pictures but they still need to be uploaded. 

Everything else is going well. I think the weather is supposed to warm up a little bit this weekend and people at the other class here are arriving, so we've finally got next-door neighbors. We also have some free time at night, so get on Skype so we can talk to you face-to-face and in English! 

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