Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Remember, Remember the First of September

We are having a great time hanging out in Roanoke. It's been fun to see my family, enjoy being in the country, play with my family's dogs, spend time in downtown Roanoke, and relax a little bit. The beginning of fall is a great time to be here as the weather is starting to get cooler (but not freezing),  farmers markets are full of fresh produce, and the leaves will be changing colors soon. I enjoy being able to show Nicole places that were part of my childhood and do some of the things my family typically enjoys in this area. We are excited about being able to spend the next week and a half here before we head back to Athens.

It's crazy to me that today is the 1st day of September! Where did the summer go? I guess I could look back at previous blog posts and see that the summer went to Haiti, Georgia, Orlando, and to the beach. Summer is over and by the end of this month, we'll be in Switzerland! At this time two years ago, I had just finished school at the University of Georgia and I was interviewing for jobs and trying to figure out where I could make the most money. Entering the mission field was one of the farthest things from my mind and raising financial support might have been the absolute farthest thing from my mind. Fast forward two years and now we can't wait to leave and it's been an incredible blessing to see people sacrifice and commit to partnering with us financially. Now, let's see what life looks like when September 2012 rolls around!


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