Sunday, September 5, 2010

Living Out of a Suitcase: Week 1

Today marks the end of our first week away from West Palm Beach. We're living out of our suitcases for the next 3 weeks but the big adventure ahead of us makes it all totally worth it. The weather here in Virginia has been amazing and we've enjoyed eating everything in sight spending quality time with David's family. Here are some picture highlights of our first week as nomads (pretty much all taken on the same day. Oops):

What are these things? Oh yeah, mountains. Being here has made me realize how FLAT Florida is!

Our new favorite "restaurant" is Pop's! Even though their menu is limited to grilled cheese sandwiches and Homestead Creamery ice cream creations, we managed to go 3 days in a row.

David's rocky road sundae. Incredible.

Brunch at the Millstone Tea Room. So quaint, so cute.

Unfortunately, this is not our dog...

...and not our picnic. But I pretended like I was creative enough to bring along a little snack to eat in the sun. And one day I'll have that giant dog!

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