Sunday, September 12, 2010

Living Out of a Suitcase: Week 2

So long, Virginia! We rolled into Athens today after 2 weeks with David's family in Virginia and a little mini "vacation" with David's dad in downtown Atlanta last night. It is crazy to me that we won't see his family again until we are back from DTS, and it definitely hasn't hit me yet that in 2 weeks from now, we'll be wrapping up our first full day in Switzerland. I'm predicting that I will have eaten my weight in fondue and chocolate 24 hours into the trip.

Anyways, the rest of our time in Virginia was fabulous. We did a little sightseeing, drove up to Blacksburg to walk around the Virginia Tech campus, and of course, ate, ate, ate.

Easily my favorite picture from the Donut Dash. 

The donuts we actually ate. Even Brent managed to find room for these incredible creations from Blue Collar Joe's. 

Uh have I mentioned that I love, love, love farmer's markets? I do. Especially this one in Blacksburg.

Final Farewell Virginia dinner at The Homeplace. Confession: I stole this picture from somewhere in cyberspace. Thanks to whoever took it.

The back of The Homeplace after dinner. Not stolen. 

View from our room at the Westin Peacetree. Amaaaazing.

...and from the SunDial restaurant. So good to be back in good 'ol Jawja!

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