Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365 Day 10: Happy 150th Birthday!

This morning after church we ran back to the condo to layer up and then headed to Lighthouse Park for the 150th Birthday Celebration! Honestly, it may not have been the most exciting thing I've ever been to (especially because it was SO COLD and SO WINDY outside) but there was someone giving a speech about the history of the lighthouse (all I heard was something about how some guy's hand was "severely infected" - that was enough for me), free tours and most importantly...a cake off! We didn't stick around to eat any or see the winner, but this was by far my favorite contestant. Happy 150th Birthday, Jupiter Lighthouse!

Oh, and we also made a random stop at a place on the way home from church that claimed to have the "best Guatemalan bread" - it was definitely in the ghetto (I was driving, David never would have taken the scenic route...) but that's where the best cultural experiences are, right? Anyways, no one at this place spoke English so we had no idea what we were getting. Turns out we got this:

It was some kind of slightly sweet bun-ish thing with a sickeningly sweet icing (they called it "creme" even thought it was definitely more like "crunch") on top. I'm pretty sure it was at least a few weeks old. For $.50 I'm willing to give them another chance, though.

and this is documentation of how COLD it is here! Even colder than yesterday. And last night, it dipped into the high 20s - freezing, literally! I was not made for this kind of weather.

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