Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project 365 Days 20-27

I'm really behind on Project 365. And I know nobody cares, but I'm really behind in a lot of life stuff right now too, so this is low on the importance list but I am still trying to take pictures everyday. Here are enough to get me caught up, I think! From least recent to most:

Day 20:
Today I flew to Athens, my home sweet home, to visit for a week. It's so comforting to realize that while I've been out growing up (college, wedding, moving to Florida), everything at home has remained exactly the same. Today's picture is my bedroom just as I found it when I got home. I don't know about that teddy bear, but everything else is just like I left it.

Day 21:
Athens has been cold and rainy and it really makes me miss the beach. This is one of my favorite spots in Athens/Watkinsville (where is this?) because it is so country. I think this picture really makes you feel the gross weather. Blah.

Day 22:
It's still cold and rainy outside but it's never too cold for an FO! For anyone not from Georgia, an FO is the most amazing thing ever - it's like a creamsicle milkshake and should be consumed every day one is in the great state of Jawja. A trip to Athens just isn't the same without stopping at the V.

Day 23:
Happy Birthday, Mom! Tonight we went to dinner at Chops & Hops in downtown Watkinsville to celebrate another year of my favorite mom's life. She is still adorable and I am beyond thankful that I left my giant, warm, red coat at home for cold nights like this!

Day 24:
I actually took a lot of pictures today, but this is my favorite. We got up early to walk The Granery for cinnamon buns, only to find out that they're closed on Sundays. So we went to Jittery Joes instead, and I found this little gem in the parking lot. It's a teeny tiny pair of underwear (with my foot for size comparison)! What teeny tiny person is going commando right now?

Day 25:
Today's picture is my parents' house, from my last night at home. I miss living in Athens and being just a few minutes away from my parents' house, even though I only lived there for a couple years before heading to college. And I think it's funny to see trees without leaves because we don't have seasons (except summer) in Florida.

Day 26:
Today I flew back to Ft. Lauderdale to be greeted by 2 of my favorite sweet things: David and ice cream! After he picked me up from the airport, we went to Jaxson's to stuff our faces with an enormous cookie bottom hot fudge sundae. We ate that whole thing (almost).

Day 27:
Today's picture is of my very least favorite thing about traveling...unpacking. I hate unpacking groceries, I hate unpacking clean laundry and I really, really hate unpacking suitcases. So it's all still sitting on the floor until I get motivated to put everything away. Or until David gets annoyed enough to do it for me :)

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