Saturday, January 2, 2010


I'm not really into making New Year's Resolutions. Every time I've tried, I've failed (does anyone really keep them?) so this year I was just going to skip it....

Until I found out about Project 365, which I love. You take a picture every single day for a year, and post it. So see, this year I'm not making a resolution but I'll take different resolutions. Get it? David's also doing the project from on his blog, which you can follow here.

I'm not really sure how the logistics of this are going to work - if I'll be able to upload every day...or if I'll do it once a week...or maybe I'll mix it up a little. It's my resolution, right? It's only January 2nd, so I figure I have lots of time to figure it out.

Anyways, since it's already the 2nd day of the year I'm a little behind. The first picture was from tonight but the moon has looked pretty similar for the past few days, so it will be my official January 1 picture. We took a lot of pictures tonight at the Cheesecake Factory with David's family for my belated "birthday dinner," so the 3rd one down is my official January 2nd picture. And here's a few from Christmas break with my family too, when we went to the Breakers (somehow the only day I took any pictures. Oops!) Happy 2010!

The view from our porch tonight after I finally figured out how to change the shutter speed on my camera...
David & I before dinner. Ignore my weird hair, it was windy and nobody told me it looked crazy...
From the front of The Breakers.

My super cute mom with the nutcracker that later bit her. Don't stick your fingers in its mouth.

The Breakers, downtown WPB and the Atlantic.

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  1. Hey Nicole! I had a friend do Project 365 this past year and she didn't post pictures every day. She also did her's through a Facebook album. I hope your 2010 is off to a wonderful start!